Thomas Tedrow

Author and Screenwriter

About Thomas

Thomas Tedrow is a best-selling author of over twenty books, many of which have been featured in successful Scholastic and Guideposts campaigns. His goal is to create compelling stories that move his readers.  His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, and are primarily aimed at young adults. Thomas has done extensive radio, TV, Internet and print tours.

Thomas has penned numerous beloved series for all ages and has created or produced a variety of other content aimed at younger audiences. As an accomplished author and screenwriter who has earned recognition for his unique approach to historical fiction, Thomas is always seeking out ways to connect with his audiences.

The Days Of Laura Ingalls Wilder: Missouri Homestead; Children of Promise; Good Neighbors; Home To The Prairie; The World’s Fair; Mountain Miracle; The Great Debate; Land of Promise

The Life & Times of the Younguns: The Younguns of Mansfield; Missouri Frankie and the Secret; The Circus Escape; The Legend of the Missouri Mud Monster

The Legend of Grizzly Adams & Kodiak Jack
Dorothy—Return To Oz
Troll Family Adventures
Dead Man’s Confession (as Cass Lewis)
The Ninth Deadly Step (as Jack Maloney)
The Devil’s Claw (as R.C. Fallon)
Vampire Island (as Derek Storm)

The All New Adventures of Grizzly Adams – The Legend Continues (Produced for Quest Entertainment)


Heartbreak Trail: Broken Vows Heartbreak Trail by Thomas Tedrow

Thomas’ series The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Younguns are both being re-released in ebook format so that readers around the world can more easily access these stories. The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder is an eight-book fictional series for all ages, set in the turn of the twentieth century and told from the compassionate perspective of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Younguns fictional series is also set in the turn of the twentieth century in a small Missouri town, and covers the trials and tribulations of the mischievous Youngun siblings.

This blog will cover the upcoming schedule of Thomas’ new ebook re-releases as they happen. Thomas will also share excerpts from some of his most popular works that he has penned.

More About Thomas Tedrow

Thomas has been married to his wife Carla for 37 years and he has four children. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations/Journalism from the University Of Florida. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking, and more.